• The program allows for easy access to manipulate the 2x2x2 or 3x3x3 cube. It is able to reset, scramble, freely rotate the whole cube, and turn each face using either the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Customizable cube turning speed, size, and sticker colors.
  • Sequence log that records every sequence of moves that is applied to the virtual cube.
  • Ability to input textual sequences (RUR', etc.) and have them applied to the virtual cube.
  • Ability to save/load cube configuration.
  • Ability to start and stop a timer during solve. Easily activated by pressing the space bar and automatically stops when the cube is solved.
  • User solve mode to help the user during a solve by greying out certain pieces which aren't necessary for the current phase.
  • Optimized Fridrich-style solver that provides annotated solutions for any cube state with a solution chooser.
  • User-definable OLL + PLL algorithms.
  • Customizable solver F2L pair weight, phase focus, phase text highlighting, F2L pair highlighting, and forced cross face.
To Do:
  • 2x2 solver, 4x4, etc.
  • User solve mode suggestions
  • External solvers
  • COLL, Winter-variation, MGLS, ZZ capabilities